Resource planning 101

For a lot of IT services companies, a large part of their work portfolio is fixed cost projects. That means that they go after and bid for projects in a particular domain. When they reach certain milestones (e.g. project completion), they get paid a certain amount. i.e. compensation is tied to delivery of scope, not […]


Online marketplaces for BPOs

I knew people were finding work off the internet but I didn’t realize there were so many sites out there. Site URL Notes Project Spring IT Moonlighter Hire Bidder Freelance Web Project Image Lance Web Developers Index ScriptLance Got Projects Outsource Today Freelance Auctions Programming […]


Marketing IT services

Marketing would be the process of generating prospects and leads for your idea. Marketing is different from sales in that sales focus is on closing deals while Marketing’s focus is on generating opportunity. In much of the B2B world, marketing plays a less dominant role than Sales activity. Basic objectives Locating where the ducks are […]


New Sales

B2B Sales vs. B2C sales Fewer customers: You spend more time on every customer on average. Each customer is all the more important. Decision making is made by a few people in a relatively structured way. Organizations build boundaries more than people. NOTE: Always remember that IT services (as a whole) is a commodity market. […]


About Allied Inc.

Allied Inc. is our first pilot incubator. We began operations on January 1st, 2010 out of Lahore. Our objective is to inspire, train and facilitate entrepreneurs – both inside Pakistan and abroad (when they want development teams in Pakistan). Through this process we hope to develop and refine a practical model for encouraging entrepreneurship within […]


Business Strategy 101

The power point below aims to explain basics of business strategy. If you are looking to build the next big product or think have the next big idea, look at it from the perspective of this deck. Try to see if you have covered all perspectives. Strategy – basic concepts View more presentations from Allied […]


Choosing partners

Most people start businesses with partners. Some partner for financial reasons, others because they are old friends. But it’s important to choose the right person. Here are a few lessons learnt on choosing the right partner – Shared values: we all talk about values but few understand what “values” mean exactly. Values are the beliefs […]


Incubator services

Allied Inc. is an incubator based out of Lahore, Pakistan. We currently host 2 companies both working in various segments of the IT outsourcing – Services sector. Following are services we offer: Area Current offering Future Plans Premises Small rented premises in Lahore Outreach programs e.g. in Gilgit and the Northwest Administrative Subsidized physical space […]


Stanford Entrepreneurship site

Someone recently shared this link with me an initiative by Stanford to develop an online repository of audio visual content around entrepreneurship. Main topics it covers are: Creativity and Innovation Product Development Marketing and Sales Finance and venture capital Leadership and team building Social Entrepreneurship Career-life balance What differentiates it from a lot of […]