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Memon: Yeh kela (banana) kaise diya? Shopkeeper: 1 Rs. Memon: 60 paisa ka deta hai? Shopkeeper: 60 paise me to sirf chilka milega. Memon: Lee 40 paise, chilka rakh aur kela de de. * * * A Memon on his death bed: My wife, where are you? Wife: Yes, I’m here. My sons and daughters, […]


Berkley webcasts

If you aren’t aware of it yet, most of the major universities out there are offering their courses for free online now a days. One of them is Berkley: There is a lot of content here from economics, sociology, statistics, etc… though I’ve found it most useful in the Social sciences and Arts topics. […]


Good site for Self-education

Psychology Course Name Category Videos available Click to view video lectures Introduction to Psychology Psychology 20 Click to view videos General Psychology Psychology 25 Click to view videos Behavioral Neuroscience Lab Psychology 9 Click to view videos Psychology of Personality Psychology 36 Click to view videos Abnormal Psychology Psychology 26 Click to view videos Industrial […]