Incubator services

Allied Inc. is an incubator based out of Lahore, Pakistan. We currently host 2 companies both working in various segments of the IT outsourcing – Services sector. Following are services we offer: Area Current offering Future Plans Premises Small rented premises in Lahore Outreach programs e.g. in Gilgit and the Northwest Administrative Subsidized physical space […]


Stanford Entrepreneurship site

Someone recently shared this link with me http://ecorner.stanford.edu/.Its an initiative by Stanford to develop an online repository of audio visual content around entrepreneurship. Main topics it covers are: Creativity and Innovation Product Development Marketing and Sales Finance and venture capital Leadership and team building Social Entrepreneurship Career-life balance What differentiates it from a lot of […]


Ajeeb admi hai

When you start talking to people in Pakistan, almost all the people you hang around eventually hold to more or less the same values. Most of them driven by our Islamic heritage, social class and the general socio political situations around us. Yet, there is conflict. Why, if we all believe in the same things, […]


Contact Lists

They say, “Given all else is equal, people will buy from the person they know better. If all else is not equal, they still end up buying from the person they know better”. People you know are most likely to give you work. This sounds intuitive yet most organizations don’t spend the time to collect […]