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Sales and Marketing training checklist

By Hassan Askari 6 years ago
training for Marketeers

If you are just getting started on inbound marketing, here are a few essentials you want to go through:

  • Basics
    • Sales vs Marketing
      In person vs. Online
      Services vs Products
      Pakistan vs US
      B2B vs B2C
    • Direct vs Via partners
  • Software review:
    • PinPoint
    • MPN Learning
    • ReadyToGo
    • Microsoft Sales training material
    • Producteev
    • CRM (Sugar, Excel, Hubspot CRM)
    • Task management (Producteev)
    • Social Presence:
      • LinkedIn (various profiles)
      • Facebook
      • Twitter (our pages, Hashtags – technical and functional)
      • WordPress (solutions, posts, etc)
      • /
      • Slideshare
      •, Microsoft forums…
      • Misc others setup through wordpress social plugins
    • Mailchimp
    • Hubspot Marketing
    • Hootsuite
    • SEO
      • Google Analytics
      • Google Webmaster tools
      • Google Keyword tool : be clear on the importance of keywords to use in your content
  • Technology adoption curve
  • Prospecting basics (how to look at a LinkedIn Profile and spot an opportunity)?
  • Overview of different practices within Allied
  • Review of terminology (contact, account, lead, prospect, client, qualified etc..)
  • Review of existing and past campaigns and campaign categories
  • Write a daily blog on “what I learnt today”
  • Buying behavior of mid sized clients
  • Go over Partnerships and eco-system of companies
  • Go through existing solutions and make them write a few new ones
  • Review all articles in category = Sales and Marketing on blog
  • Review big Sales PPT
  • Review of Personas
  • Clear Focus
    • What Practice (early/late majority stage), Direct or Partner, Buying Stage
  • Qualification Criterion
  • Basic Instructions
    • Always use snm@allied as the email address when doing any social activity
  • Providing feedback to the content team (via SEO keywords, trending discussions etc).
  • Re-tooling
    • Infographics
    • Slideshares
    • Webcasts / Prezis

——————other resources ——————

  • Hub Spot Inbound training . Also look at Hubspot training content around email marketing.
  • SP Home Run – the take the hubspot content and specialize it to IT. Review the content but also how they go about selling their own services.
  • Tools to review:
    • , ,
  • Call recordings of prospecting calls and client calls – these will help you build a persona: Available on request from Allied
  • For those of you trying to setup inbound marketing engines, one of the key challenges would be how to introduce a writing culture that produces great content consistently. Here is a good article to get your thoughts started on that
  • How to write a case study (research keywords, basic structure etc)
  • How to interview an IT techie for inbound marketing


  IT Services Sales and Marketing, Marketing
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 Hassan Askari

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