Writing guide for Allied Consultants

The Client:

The client is an IT consulting firm and goes by the name of Allied Consultants. While there are many ready-made software available in the market, Allied Co. customizes these software for its clients according to their individual needs. For instance, many people use MS Office. It is more of a household name. However, when it comes to big companies, they might want a few features skewed to make things easier for them. Now Microsoft only provides a finished product with fixed number of utilities. What companies like Allied Co. do is customize these software for the companies. The range of software obviously is not limited to MS Office. There are many software pertaining to finance, sales, etc.

Now that the function of the company is clear, Allied Co. is looking for new business and/or to form a partnership wherever such an opportunity arises. The different types of firms outlined below are the various options they currently have and are targeting by this content creation. The idea behind online marketing is to attract these firms to get their software customized by Allied Consultants. The articles that need to be written have been accordingly divided and categorized to cater to each individual group of possible clients.

The Perspective of Articles:

Keep in mind that the articles that need to be written are not for Allied Consultant but for the potential business partners. These articles will talk about the problems faced by these business partners. When they search on the internet about their issues, they will end up reading one of the articles published by Allied Co. and get introduced to them. This is how new business might be generated.

The aim of the articles is to solve the problems that the following personas may possibly face or are facing. In such a case, they will have to look up their problem online, as all firms do, and Google the issue. The relevant topic or article from Allied Co.’s directory should then show up in the top results of the online search, leading them to their website.

Therefore, all the material needs to be thoroughly researched and accurate from the perspective of the persona and how companies like Allied Co. can make their lives easier so that the latter may be able to promote its business through these articles.

Understanding The Business

The consultancy business is rather easy to understand. Suppose you’re a Finance major and have taken up a career of Finance Consultancy. A business or firm may call you in to go over their finances and help them figure out and help with their financial situation. You will pour over their Payables and Receivables, draw up their Balance of Payments and render the financial services they require of you. Once you’re done, what they do with the records and statements you’ve drawn up is their decision. You collect your payment and leave, move on to another client who requires your services. That is how consultancy works, and that is what is being done here. Only in this case, the consultant firm is trying to expand the work and clientele through a consistent and continuous partnership.

Similarly, when a business wants content written for their website or brochures, the marketing department reaches out to content writing companies and hires them for a one-time assignment or for an entire project. The IT industry works in the same way. When a business wants to upgrade or customize its software, the IT department of the firm will direct them towards IT Consultancy firms or the IT Decision Maker department for the required services to be carried out.

The Personas:

The personas are the different categories of people Allied Co. wants to target to get new business by getting into a partnership with them. This means that the persona will benefit by keeping a certain amount of profits from all the business sourced to Allied Co.

An IT Consultant firm is responsible for software-related changes and updates in companies. Whenever a company wants to update its software or customize it, it will go to IT Consultant firms to figure out and decide what software to update to and what kind of changes to make to achieve the desired results. These firms help in the actual execution and implementation of ideas and changes. IT has become such a major feature of the business world that any kind of structural change requires change in the IT system, and that is also where the IT Consultant firms are brought in.

Management Consultant firms, on the other hand, are hired to help businesses manage their work and employees in a better and more efficient manner. These firms only give the ideas and plan out the changes but do not help in the actual execution of the ideas. For that, businesses have to turn elsewhere. For example, let’s suppose a firm needs to down-size or up-size or make some kind of changes. Now, a management consultant (who usually holds an MBA degree) will go into the details of the company workings. He will then formulate a plan that if followed, the company can do whatever it requires. He also advise the company to make certain changes to the existing software for a smoother shift. However, his role ends there. All he does is ADVISE.

In this case, a partnership between the two types of consulting firms has been under consideration. This will increase the client base as the idea generation and implementation of the ideas will be handled by the same partnership.

Another kind of business to take into notice here is entrepreneurship. This could be another possible target; however, it’s very high risk. Entrepreneurs come up with all sorts of ideas all the time. But not all ideas can prove to be successful. Therefore the probability of partnering with an entrepreneur is very low but on the table. Acquiring a partnership with an entrepreneur is easier in comparison as they have limited options when it comes to partnerships. There aren’t a lot of people willing to invest in an idea which also means that if an idea turns out to be successful, the company sponsoring it can enjoy much bigger gains.

There are IT decision makers as well. Their work overlaps with the work of an IT consulting firm, however the two are different. The IT Decision Maker can be part of the firm as a department within that firm and, thus, have a different perspective than that of an IT consulting firm. Now if you have an IT department that means you are most probably a big firm. Big firms do not have a dearth of people trying to provide services. It can get very difficult to compete in such an environment where there are hundreds of different consultancy firms offering their services. In such a situation, it is better to appeal to the IT decision maker who is responsible to hire a consultancy firm to get the work done.