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A Leading Rent-A-Car Company Embraces Integrated Reporting by using Microsoft SSRS [Case Study]

“Using the Microsoft technologies allowed us to obtain insightful information from the data that was already residing within our system. We didn’t have to do something out-of-the-box; it just required putting the pieces together within our budgetary constraints. Whether it was sales, customer services or claim processing, we were able to pull reports within minutes that previously took […]


About Allied Inc.

Allied Inc. is our first pilot incubator. We began operations on January 1st, 2010 out of Lahore. Our objective is to inspire, train and facilitate entrepreneurs – both inside Pakistan and abroad (when they want development teams in Pakistan). Through this process we hope to develop and refine a practical model for encouraging entrepreneurship within […]


Incubator services

Allied Inc. is an incubator based out of Lahore, Pakistan. We currently host 2 companies both working in various segments of the IT outsourcing – Services sector. Following are services we offer: Area Current offering Future Plans Premises Small rented premises in Lahore Outreach programs e.g. in Gilgit and the Northwest Administrative Subsidized physical space […]