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Using K2 to automate student enrollment

Automating student enrollment | Higher Education Location: USA Industry: Higher Education Problems One of its key processes, the student course enrollment, took plenty of man-hours and needless steps to complete. The process consisted of multiple forms and approval levels which resulted in slowing down the end-to-end process to approximately one week. The generic PDF form […]

K2 Forms Making Data Collection Easy

K2 FORMS MAKING DATA COLLECTION EASY LOCATION: USA INDUSTRY: LOGISTICS Problems Having a large customer base, our client was having a hard time collecting data from the airlines about their requirements and needs. For our client, data collection was an integral requirement for providing its services, such as maintenance services, crew services, airline services, professional […]

Using Kafka & Power BI for a Telco

Using Kafka & Power BI for a Telco Location: Canada Industry: Telecom Problems Churn rate management: When our client contacted us, it was facing an increase in the subscriber churn rate.Gaining visibility into the installed infrastructure: The client had many network boosters installed at various places, and these boosters were connected to many devices. A […]

Implementing an SOA Based Architecture on Microsoft BizTalk Server 2009

Implementing an SOA Based Architecture on Microsoft BizTalk Server 2009 Location: Qatar Industry: Banking & Finance Problems As a newly established bank in Qatar, Masraf Al Rayan Bank required a reliable IT infrastructure to launch new service delivery channels, such as Internet & phone banking, and implement a CRM system for branches. Within just six […]

Customized ERP in Textile and Clothes Recycling Company

Customized ERP in Textile and Clothes Recycling Company Location: USA Industry: Textile & Clothes Solutions Allied Consultants implemented a comprehensive solution and a new ERP was developed ground-up. The technical team was able to implement separate modules for receiving, sorting, inventory management/Sales order assignment, shipping, and reporting. The receiving module was enabled to have the ability […]

Microsoft BizTalk in Integrated Supply Chain Management

Microsoft BizTalk in Integrated Supply Chain Management Location: Switzerland Industry: Supply Chain Management Problems The customer provides supply-chain services to the world’s leading logistics combat support agency, thus providing worldwide logistics support in both peacetime and wartime. It involved the provision of full-line fresh food, food service supplies, and non-food distribution services. The coordination with trading […]

Google Apps & Microsoft Azure in Field Services

Google Apps & Microsoft Azure in Field Services Location: USA Industry: Field Services Management Solutions Allied Consultants proposed the evolved solution in the form of three-tiered architecture containing: User Front End on Google App Script (keeping the existing tablet-optimized app) A database hosted on SQL Azure (shifting the data from Google sheets) Reporting on Office 365 […]

Generating More Revenue With ESB Based Enterprise Integration Solution

Generating More Revenue With ESB Based Enterprise Integration Solution Location: Canada Industry: Clothing & Footwear Problems Mark`s desire to generate more revenue by driving profitable sales by adding more customer-facing functions, larger product assortment, better fulfillment rate/speed and better online merchandising management functions. Target was to grow online presence both to the web and store. […]

Connecting ASP.NET With IBM Mainframes

Connecting ASP.NET With IBM Mainframes Location: USA Industry: Software Engineering Problems The United States imports roughly $ 2 trillion in goods through its borders. Most of the documentation associated with this trade is filed manually. The US Custom’s department offers brokers to file this information electronically however a stringent and complicated certification process means only […]