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Inventory Tracking

3The inventory tracking solution enables organizations to quickly track the inventory and its movement in and out of retail outlets, warehouses, or transportation. The solution is closely related with the Mobile Asset Tracking solution however the focus here is on tracking products and parts inventory rather than vehicles or containers. The solution features an inventory tracking portal.

  • Inventory Portal
    • Warehouse and User Profile Management
    • Alias item support
    • Rejection maintenance: Easily edit import errors within Bar Code then re-import
    • Audit Trail
    • Speech Recognition - warehouse management, picking and put away, inventory, inspection, quality control and other applications
  • Integration: The solution facilitates integration with ERPs and Warehouse managamanent systems through:
    • Automatic bill of material import
    • Inventory, purchase order, sales order inquiry integration
    • Job cost integration
    • Import sales order transactions
    • Import PO transactions
    • Account payables invoice numbers: Accounts payable invoice numbers can be entered on the handheld computer for purchase order receipts and imported into Receipt of Goods/Invoice Entry
  • Support for Bar Codes
    • The solution supports printing and scanning of 2D bar codes with VICS® BOL and UCC-128 compliant labels
    • The dashboard supports printing labels both through conventional printers. We also support a variety of mobile printers.
    • The solution also supports adding UDFs (User Defined Fields) to the barcodes to store custom informaiton in the barcodes.
  • Support for RFID
    • Active/Passive: The solution is built on top of the Microsoft BizTalk RFID framework enabling broad based support for a variety of active and passive sensors. The framework provides a standardized interface layer enabling the construction of RFID applications/customizations without having to know what scanners are involved.
    • Hand-Held Scanners: We currently support Motorola based HandHeld Scanners (MC3190Z and MC-9190Z)
  • Printing
    • PO Receiver Printing
    • Pick Sheet Printing
    • SO Printing
  • Reporting: A comprehensive dashboard built on top Industry standard Microsoft technology displays dashboard showing critical KPIs and inventory information and allows transaction based searches on Vendor/Customer Reciept/Invoice information.

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