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Big Data for Manufacturing

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Lean production and cost cutting no longer provide the basis of sustainable competitive advantage. Allied Consultants' Big Data solution for manufacturing includes industry relevant features such as preventive & preemptive maintenance (predicts cause & time of future failures), real-time precision forecasting, product quality monitoring , yield management, etc. Manufacturers can now predict design flaws in advance and improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Following modules are part of the solution:

  • Predictive & preemptive maintenance
    • Monitor performance and up-time of systems and applications as the devices, sensors and equipment sends continuous data
    • Fix things before they break and monitor assets (machines, plants) remotely and in real-time
  • Quality management interface
    • Predict, preempt and identify out-of-bounds manufacturing
    • Aggregation & modelling of large volumes, high speed and variety of data
    • Big Data analytics integration with Six Sigma DMAIC
    • Correlation development between quality factors
  • Yield management 
    • Big Data analytics to isolate factors that impact production quality
    • Batch-to-batch comparisons (by comparing millions of data points) to identify factors that impact plant yield
    • Aligns data sets around batch IDs, equipment, time stamps, and other factors that impact production
  • Production optimization module
    • The module optimizes production schedules based on near-real time data acquired from suppliers, customers, machine availability and cost constraints
    • Integrated analytics predict the risk of late delivery by suppliers
  • Closed-loop product management
    • Creates closed-loop environment for select products, applies ETL to analyze large volume of product use data for continuous improvement in design & manufacturing process
    • Integrates engineering and manufacturing design
    • Install embedded sensors into products/equipment to review & optimize production
    • Tracks materials logistics in real-time
  • Forecasting/Demand Forecasting
    • Precision forecasting of order lead times
    • Forecast sales orders across the geographic regions
    • Forecasts part & plant failure by factoring in maintenance records, operating environment data and production schedules
    • Graphs, charts and KPI dashboards provide visibility into near-real time inventory to efficiently schedule purchasing
  • Order management
    • A centrally accessible dashboard that contains order cycle information (time in calendar days from order release to manufacturing to customer shipment)
    • Historical log of order delivery errors (the dashboard displays delivery/order errors during a defined manufacturing run)
    • Displays TAKT (average unit production time) for each product category up-to the batch level; a key metric in lean manufacturing
  • Warranty claims management
    • The module presents aggregated information in form of a GUI. Information includes warranty claims by location, customer segment, frequency of claims and density of claims with respect to geographical areas




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  • Predict design flaws
  • Decrease lost manufacturing capacity
  • Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Predict machine/plant maintenance requirements
  • Predict production requirements through sales forecasting
  • Offer services related to high-grossing products
  • Improve value ratio by mitigating material transformation delays
  • Improve inventory replenishment time
  • Predict output quality based on product engineering changes