Broker Management System

Broker Management Systems Solution helps brokers and agents to manage all data regarding property management. The solution helps primarily with

  • Property listings: Solution allows estate brokers to instantly add property details and images to their website and allows the public to search by a varied search criteria, view property details, shortlist properties, send message and contact regarding properties on website. Product helps to juggle daily priorities through task reminders for listings.
  • Appointments: Solution gives brokers unique ability to not only schedule showing appointments online, but to track, report and maintain this information in a very easy to use system. Brokers can monitor all their appointments for each listing in an easy to use system. It moves a set date in one week or month to another by simply drag and drop. To keep all appointments in one location it can be synced with Google calendar.
  • Sales and Marketing: Generate leads at open houses, spark a conversation on social media. Respond to leads faster, leverage leads and make properties portable and easy to find. The powerful system squeeze out every ounce of marketing juice from top Producer and help to crank up productivity.
  • Transactions: Managing the transactions from multiple brokers means you wear a lot of different hats every day. Solution will keep you on track with its powerful organizational tools and help you coordinate agent transactions and the myriad of related tasks. You can track important dates and documents in one place, and share data, as needed, in real tim
  • Document management: No more searching for a missing letter of intent, or other documents that can get lost in the shuffle. Solution suggests a paperless office environment and get rid of a giant file cabinet that practically organizes itself, only this cabinet is cloud-based and accessible with a single click or a tap on smart devices.
  • Interaction with clients: Software upload documents and collaborate with client and partners through automated communication directly.
  • Staff management: Solution supports the recruitment of faculty & executive staff, prepare their profile and track allotted areas.
  • Custom tasks: Solution’s open platform create unlimited custom task lists to help manage to-dos with specific due dates, assign priorities, and schedule automatic email alerts & notes to relay information to all parties about the status of your tasks. With advanced task functionality and preset due dates for task lists, software automatically set time-sensitive due dates for new transactions which saves time & increases closing speed.
  • Commission: The commission breakdown empowers ability to set percentage of sale commission and/or flat rate options, while also having the flexibility of including multiple parties on both the buyer and seller sides of a given transaction.
  • Consolidated reports: Create general reports with the ability to sort, filter, etc. in order to get to the information most important, both transaction-based as well as task-focused in an easy way to stay up to speed on all the important metrics so you always know exactly where your business stands at the click of a button.
  • Privacy and Security: Solution ensures privacy and security of information based on the internal and external stakeholder needs. Administrator can assign roles and responsibilities of agents, brokers, transaction coordinators, and other relevant stakeholders.


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