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SharePoint Content Management Solution

Allied Consultants Content Management Suite allows tools to capture, process, automate, governance, manage records and annotate the company's mission critical electronic content. Allied Consultants uses cloud based SharePoint platform to deliver industry (healthcare, financial services, energy and engineering and life sciences) solutions for routing, reviewing and publishing of content. Security controls are also addressed to avert unauthorized changes, access, and deletion. Publishing capabilities - holding drafts until the author or those authorized approve changes for those with read or greater access to view.

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  • Data Storage: Stores all content data through 3rd party entity (such as, StoragePoint BLOB storage) in an external container rather than the content database
  • Security:  With this feature a list item or specific document item can have its own specific security setting.  It supports 30 out-of-the-box actions
  • Information Portal: A tool that sets or extracts site policies to manage the life cycle of the site (sites closure and deletion after the specified time duration)
  • Versioning: This feature displays the document or list item in its true format before changes are made.
  • Built in Workflow Approval process: This feature supports workflow extension to address list items and documents permission. It also enables the user to add and remove users from appropriate groups for access; converts documents formats, document moving and copying to desired document library, or even document content modification as per rules in the workflow
  • Content Authoring: This feature allows the user to copy content directly on a page via a Content Editor or a Rich Text Editor Web Part, or an HTML field control.




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  • Reduces site management and deployment costs
  • Higher ROI for a well-structured CMS platform
  • Improved collaboration with a unified ECM
  • Improved business process management
  • Increased content visibility in search engines (SEO)
  • Increased productivity and reduced time for when employees require access to information immediately
  • End to end support, providing complete service management