Testing Bank

The testing bank is a solution template for software used to prepare for exams. This is commonly used in course education and professional certification exams. The solution contains a bank of questions added by subject matter experts which are then delivered to an examinee based on their preferences. The system can also be used for internal staff orientations and internal certifications. Key features include:

  • Administration: Solution has a flexible administrative interface that allows for addition and modification of question in a rich text editor. The Administration module also allows for user management, payment status and vital statistics on the website traffic and health.
  • Variants: Question be added as fixed content or as generic templates that are generated at run time. Generic templates can include calculation questions where the input figures are changed every time a question is accessed.
  • Flashcards: Each question can have an optional flashcard associated with it providing explanation and aid to students as they prepare. This can include video or structured content or references to relevant bodies of knowledge.
  • Tagging and categorization: The questions can be tagged and categorized based on user-editable taxonomies. These ca include subjects, level of difficulty, instructor etc.
  • Course registration/purchase: The course registration module allows users to register themselves to the website and to register for certain exams. Optionally, registration can involve purchase. The system supports popular gateways like PayPal with support for Visa and Master Card.
  • Examination interface: A user interface for students allows scheduling of tests. Students can choose subsets of questions they want to practice against (e.g. random questions, by topic, by keyword, questions answered incorrectly x times, or questions where they added notes).
  • Timed: A timer indicates the time taken per question and compares that to an average of other competitors. It also allows them to pace responses against the overall time allocated for the exam. Students can choose to pause or snooze the exam and can resume where they left off.
  • Scores/Summary: At the end of the exam the system displays vital statistics on the exam questions. These include things like average time, comparison against community benchmarks, scores by topic etc.
  • Calendar Integration: Totally integrated with google calendar to allow users to be aware of upcoming exam events. The application also allows for setting up reminders during exam preparation.
  • Site Customization: The testing website can be customized to a particular company’s logo and theme. This is particularly useful for companies using this for internal testing and for intermediate testing agents using the software with their branding.
  • Mobile access: Questions can be viewed on the go and prep is totally synchronized with the web interface.
  • Social Media Integration: Questions can be shared with social media groups for discussion and sharing. Scores, awards and achievements help develop student motivation and engagement. An integrated web forum also provides a more structured interface for discussions.
  • Advertising: The system supports an integrated advertisement module that allows exam preparation agencies and live tutors advertise themselves on the website. The advertisements show up the main page of the website as well as on individual questions based on relevance.
  • Accessibility/read out: The system supports a read-out-loud feature that reads out questions to the audience. This is particularly useful on the go, in the car etc.