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Procure to pay (P2P) / (O2C) automation


The solution is a part of the broader B2B solution and focuses on automation of the financial supply chain from the point an order is placed with suppliers to the point that cash is received from customers. Any organization with a large number of purchase and sales can benefit from the solution.  The solution supports:

  • Integrate sourcing and procurement: The solution offers a centralized dashboard where suppliers, customers and internal staff can log in to view all invoice and order related activity. This includes working documents like invoices, orders, Policies, Team TODOs, Discussions etc. The portal also provides real time data to partners on product catalogs, rates etc.
  • Visibility: Graphs, charts and KPI dashboards provide visibility into daily developments, exceptional conditions and help identify new opportunities for savings.
  • Automated purchase request PR and PO processing: For repeated purchases, the solution enables users to automatically generate draft purchase orders/requests based on rules defined on the ERP /Warehousing system data.  The rules can include things like inventory levels, price updates or date scehedules.
  • Invoice disputes and resolution: All invoices/orders in the system can be shared with suppliers/customers directly allowing for discrepencies with the invoices to get resolved sooner. Invoices can be re-assigned internally for faster resolution and action. Any comments are tracked and all changes audited. Status updates from the supplier's / customer's system are available on the dashboard (e.g. "Under-Review", "Accepted", "Paid") allowing for unprecidented visibility into the state of the invoice.
  • Supplier Management: The portal can optionally support user self-registration to streamline the onboarding process for vendors. You can invite multiple vendors for product auctions and process selected vendors. The portal supports contract management and supports workflow driven processing of all steps in the vendor onboarding process. Sales processess can include developing sales quotes, attaining approvals, checking product availability, creation of sales orders, good issue, customer invoicing, and management of the commissions process.
  • Integrated: The solution supports connectivity with a diversity of ERPs, B2B EDI standards. It also supports connectivity to cloud gateways that enable connection to several vendors at a time:
    • Support for a wide range of Industry Standards:
    • Back-end Systems:
      • ERPs , xRMs: EPICOR, ADP Taxware, Dynamics, SAP, Sage X3, Oracle EBS, Sales force, SugarCRM, AccountMate, PeachTree, Quickbooks
      • IBM: DB2, Mainframe CICS, MQ Series
      • Banking: MiSys Equation, TCS BANCS, BankTrade
    • E-Commerce Gateways: ADP Open InvoiceCortex , Elemica, LinkedIn, Facebook, ADP, Basware
    • The system can also be integrated to online order catalogs from partner sites for real-time metadata exchange.

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  • Decrease DSO
  • Reduce paper
  • Better visibility
  • Streamlined operation
  • Fewer errors
  • Reduce Out-Of-Stock scenarios
  • Faster Settlement