Inbound Marketing 101

Inbound marketing 101 for Information Technology Services Firms

The process of inbound marketing deals with the science (and art) of generating attention and leads for your IT services business. Bringing the ducks to the pond (vs. going out to look for them i.e. outbound marketing).  Our focus for these series of blogs is on mid sized IT services firms and on Online Marketing (i.e. generating leads through the internet). There are many other ways to do this (e.g. paid advertising) but they are not our focus in this series of articles.

If you are just getting started, we would recommend a high level training plan we have here

How long should I be thinking here?

3-6 mo per persona after you are all trained and ready. This is not going to be a sprint, its a marathon. Make sure you have the budget for this.

What are the high level things I need to do?

  • Build a persona
  • Do your keyword research
  • Build an editorial calendar
  • Write/Find yourself some writers/Build a writing culture


Muhammad Omer

Muhammad Omer is the founding partner at Allied Consultants. Areas of interest for him are entreprenuership in organizations, IT Management, Integration and Business Intelligence.