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Information Technology Persona: Technology Partner

This post defines the persona that can be used by Information Technology firms who are planing inbound marketing initiatives. It is part of a series of articles on marketing personas used by IT firms. The persona deals with the focus on marketing Technology Partnersbeing on a technology consulting firm that is looking to partner with us to diversify their portfolio or reduce their costs.

  • Title: CEO, Managing Partner, VP, Director
  • Company Size: Small to medium: 50-100 people. Large enough to not have a struggle for survival but small enough to not have thought seriously about an offshore office.
  • Main issues:
    • Hiring and retaining good talent
    • Showing off this talent to get good clients
    • Using good talent/rates to hire better talent
    • Doing the above in a progressively larger circle that ads value
    • Can’t do everything in technology but dont like seeing it go
    • Very high client penetration costs which they want to make the most of when they get in
    • Keeping up with constant changes in technology
    • Dealing with a very high attrition rate in the IT industry
    • Surviving against offshore firms that drive the rates down
    • Surviving against big 5 firms with massive resources
    • Don’t trust someone else with their hard earned client-rust. Fear they will mess up project delivery.
    • Are afraid someone else will run away with their client
  • Geography: Typically focused on a particular geography and work around it.
  • Typical motivation to partner:
    • Know someone who knows someone who they can use in a project
  • Education: Typically MBAs with Engineering backgrounds
  • Works with:
    • Product Partnerships
  • Daily tasks
    • Find business
    • Manage Finance (cash flows, expenses)
    • HR (hiring, evaluation, motivation..)
    • Project execution oversight (dealing with escalations from PMs)
    • Account Management (sometimes)
  • Responsibilities
    • TODO
  • Likes/dislikes about job
    • TODO
  • Frustrations
    • Unresponsive partner
    • Too expensive
    • Incompetent
  • Pressures
    • Having too much work for the team
    • Having too little work and watching a team sit idle
  • Concerns
  • Needs
  • Role in buying process
    • Decision / Influence
  • Drivers
  • Typical LinkedIn Search > filter by companies that work in Microsoft (via Hubspot) and 50-100 employee companies 
  • Examples: this , this 


Muhammad Omer

Muhammad Omer is the founding partner at Allied Consultants. Areas of interest for him are entreprenuership in organizations, IT Management, Integration and Business Intelligence.