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Overview of Azure App Service – PaaS

By Inaam Ur Rehman 2 years ago

Platform-as-a-Services in Azure


We are going to discuss Platform-as-a-Services offering from Microsoft azure. The platform, as a service part of the Microsoft cloud, offers a lot of services that you can use to build applications. Using Microsoft azure you can target any platform with any technology. You can host any applications like .net, node.js application or even java application. You can also use various databases like SQL server or no SQL database. There is a lot of stuff in Microsoft azure Platform-as-a-Service, but here we are going to discuss app services only.

App Services, is a platform that offers an application platform used to build and host application.


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 How it Works

The platform, as a service part of the Microsoft cloud, offers a lot of services that you can use to build great applications. It offers these services as capabilities that you can just use without having to worry about the plumbing, like servers. This is the power of app services, which enables you to focus on adding business value.  Azure provides the app services through the app service fabric.


This abstracts the servers and underlying resources through the app services. The service fabric take cares of hosting you app on the azure resources it uses, and make sure that your app keep running. There are several different app services types, each on geared towards a specific purpose. All that you need to worry about is you application in the app services.


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 Inaam Ur Rehman

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Inaam ur Rehman is a Senior Software Engineer in Allied Consultants. With a experience over 3 years in ASP.Net, SharePoint, BizTalk, Java Script and JQuery . He is one of the key resources of ASP.Net for the organization.