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Real Estate| Building ‘Airbnb for Students’ Using Laravel & Vue.js

By admin 1 year ago
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Real Estate| Building ‘Airbnb for Students’ Using Laravel & Vue.js

Location: USA

Industry: Retail

HomestayMatch is ‘the Airbnb for international students’. It automates the most stressful task of international students, which is to rent out and find rooms to stay while studying in a US college or university. It’s a two-sided platform that matches student needs with the best available homes near 150+ colleges across the US.

The homeowners can list down their rooms for rent on the website, along with the availability and unavailability status. They can also add some specifications if they want, for example, rooms only for female tenants, etc.


The client had several front-end views for the application (in HTML), and wanted to convert those into functional Laravel code. After understanding the vision of the project, we created the back-end platform of HomestayMatch. At this platform, landlords are able to create an account, upload the image of the room they wanted to rent, and add specifications like the amount of rent, availability/unavailability status, amenities, etc.

Another challenge was to select the right third-party APIs and plugins for services, such as calendar, social sign-up, etc. It takes a keen eye to understand the code quality of 3rd party plugins and validating if they’ll still be in the market a few months down the line.


Our web development team converted the PSD and HTML views into Laravel and Vue.js templates and provided the customer with functional code for its platform.

We also helped the customer in shortlisting a more reliable and well-developed plugin for the calendar functionality of HomestayMatch. The new plugin showed a full calendar for proper management of bookings when renting out rooms.

Tech Stack

  • Laravel 5
  • js- JavaScript Framework
  • Angular JS
  • Bootstrap
  • HTML
  • CSS

Results & Benefits

Following are some benefits of this app:

  1. The average time taken to rent a room is minimized.
  2. The rental vacancy is easily showcased with complete information.
  3. The average time taken to relet a room is minimized.
  4. Revenue per rental property can be easily managed and calculated.
  5. The average time to find a room is minimized.