IT Services Sales and Marketing Marketing Sales

Sales vs. Marketing

Sales has to taking leads or prospects and converting them into $ making customers.
Marketing on the other hand is about generating leads.
The activities involved in both are different.
IT Marketing involves things like advertising, SEM, SEO etc.. Marketing is relatively common for product manufacturers however is fairly limited in Services firms – especially small and medium sized ones. Instead focus is on influencing a much more targeted market through thought leadership. Marketing messages are often embedded in what is called Marketecture (marketing-architecture). The general area of IT services marketing falls under the B2B realm and a lot of material around B2C marketing is not applicable – that’s important to differentiate.
IT Sales involve things like lead nurturing, convincing decision makers, demos and proofs of concept etc. For Small firms, the focus of their activity remains in this area. This part can again be broken down into new and recurring sales activities. New sales deals with acquiring new accounts/customers, while recurring sales has to do with expanding existing accounts.
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